Las Vegas Business Card Redesign

Las Vegas Business Card Redesign

Your business card is usually a person’s first impression of your company, so it is important to have the best business card design you can for your Las Vegas business. Take a look at how we redesigned this company’s business card, and we can do the same for you.

Ryerson Concrete contacted us because they were unhappy with their current brand, it was very plain and uninviting (see the top business card in the image above). After we met with the owner and accounts manager to go over some ideas we got to work on a new logo design.

This was the start of the new design for their business cards. When you are designing your business cards it is important that it reflects the design aspects of your logo. Once we had the new logo design finalize it was time to design their business cards.

You can see in the new business card design (the lower business card in the image above) that we used the same fonts used in the logo for all the content of the card. All the contact information is clear and easy to read.

So often Graphic Designers do not make the text large enough for such a small product like business cards. What looks good on their computer screen doesn’t always translate well to print. That is why it is so important to work with an experienced design company with a solid background in print.

After completing the design of Ryerson’s business cards we used this as a template for all their employees’ cards. Since they ordered more than 5 sets of business cards, Ryerson Concrete was able to take advantage of our 5+ Employee Discount program which saved them a ton of money considering how many sets of cards we printed for them.

Does your Las Vegas business card look old and out-dated? Contact us today so we can give your business cards a new design you can be proud of.